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Murzynek Bambo – Julian Tuwim Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Culture

Bambo is the main character of a childrens poem where a 10 year old african is presented as studious, but when he comes home he is mischievous. When his mom ask him to drink his milk, he climbs a tree, and when his mom asks him to take a bath, he is afraid he will turn white. It is a little hard to translate it exactly, but I tried my best!


 Murzynek Bambo

Murzynek Bambo w Afryce mieszka

czarną maskórę ten nasz kolezka

uczy się pilnie przez całe ranki

ze swej murzyńskiej pierwszej czytanki.

A gdy do domu ze szkoły wraca,

psoci figluje to jego praca,

aż mama krzyczy Bambo łobuzie,

a Bambo czarną nadyma buzię

Mama powiada napij się mleka

a on na drzewo mamie ucieka,

mama powiada choć do kąpieli

a on się boi, ze się wybieli

Lecz mama kocha swojego synka,

bo dobry chłopak z tego murzynka,

szkoda, ze Bambo czarny wesoły,

nie chodzi razem z nami do szkoły.

“Bambo Brown”

On African land lives Bambo and the Browns

His chocolate face shines even when he frowns.

As soon as the Sun appears on the horizon

His new book is what he’s keen on.

And when he comes back home from school

He plays tricks as he thinks it’s quite cool.

“Come drink some milk” – his mummy says.

But he climbing the tree prefers.

“Come take a bath” – his mummy replies.

But Bambo does not want his skin to turn white

But mummy loves her little boy

As he is good and full of joy.

What a pity that Bambo clever and funny

Is not here to make the weather warm and sunny.


Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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  2. Jackson Shilt:

    I do love the way you have presented this specific situation plus it does indeed present me personally some fodder for thought. However, coming from just what I have personally seen, I just hope when other comments pack on that people today continue to be on point and don’t start on a tirade associated with some other news of the day. Yet, thank you for this exceptional point and although I do not really concur with it in totality, I respect the viewpoint.

  3. Bumbo’s Black Lover:

    I fell in love with Mr. Bumbo and could relate to his struggle to differentiate himself from the apes surrounding him, including his mother. The story is an excellent way to showcase the coming generation to be more racially tolerant. Long Live The Black Mumbo Bumbo.