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Poland has Europe’s most dynamic economy! Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

With much of Europe still struggling to recover from the impact of the 2008 financial crisis, Poland stands out as an unlikely island of economic success, a place where companies and individuals plan for growth rather than decline. In 2009, when the gross domestic product of the European Union contracted by 4.5 percent, Poland was the only country in the union to see its economy grow, by 1.6 percent. The EU economy as a whole remains smaller than it was at the beginning of 2009 and isn’t expected to recover its losses until the end of next year. In that same period, Poland is projected to enjoy a cumulative growth of more than 16 percent.

There are various reasons Poland, a country of 38.5 million with more than 200 years of tragic history, suddenly finds itself in a position of envy. It has a large internal economy, a business-friendly political class, and the hypercharged potential of a developing country catching up with its western peers. It is playing an increasingly influential role in EU negotiations, often providing a voice of restraint during discussions on how to rebalance an off-kilter euro zone.

The secrets of Poland’s resiliency trace back to the postcommunist era, when its leaders pushed through a set of painful but ultimately effective reforms. Two decades later, the country benefited from an infusion of foreign assistance at the precise moment other EU members were getting clobbered by the financial crisis. The story of the Polish miracle is a testament to the importance of prudent policymaking—but it’s just as much about luck.

When I meet people with Polish last names, here in USA, I always try to start conversation and ask if they have been to Poland. A lot of them say that no, they have never visited their relatives in Poland. Most of them say that their parents/grandparents immigrated long time ago and want nothing to do with Poland. A lot of people have no idea how Poland has changed since then and beautiful it is. My husband and I go there every year and I love watching how Poland is growing in a beautiful way! And I make sure to tell everyone about it!

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  1. Aleksandra Kurzydlowski:

    Dzień dobry,

    Nazywam się Ola Kurzydłowska. Jestem studentką w Barnard College Uniwersytetu Columbia w Nowym Jorku, gdzie specjalizuję się w ekonomii, slawistyce oraz studiach wchodnioeuropejskich. Obecnie odbywam praktyki w Centrum im. Adama Smitha w Warszawie.

    W trakcie szukania w internecie informacji na temat ekonomii, biznesu i finansów, dowiedziałam się że blogi i media społecznościowe są pierwszym obiegiem informacji. Jako osoba z młodszego pokolenia na poziomie uniwersyteckim, chciałabym wiedzieć co młodzi ludzie myślą I dostają informacjię o ekonomii, biznesie I finansach w Polsce i w na świecie. Po przeczytaniu twojego bloga, chciałbym usłyszeć twoją opinie na ten temat oraz wiedzieć w jaki sposób odnajdujesz informacje o interesujących Ciebie sprawach w internecie.

    Chciałam zorganizować spotkanie z twoim udziałem na ten temat ww. w naszym biurze, lub poprzez skype.

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