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Popular Polish proverbs about Spring Posted by on Mar 26, 2021 in Environment, Grammar, Phrases, Vocabulary

Spring is here! We are ready for sun, warm temperatures and birds singing, right? We might be ready, but weather likes to play tricks on us sometimes…

Here are most popular Polish proverbs about Spring, the weather and everything that is happening around this time of the year! Proverbs (przysłowia) about spring is a folk wisdom that includes warnings, instructions, orders, prohibitions. Today we approach them with greater distance, but they still remain relevant.

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„A po lutym marzec spieszy, koniec zimy wszystkich cieszy”“And after February, March hurries, everyone is happy at the end of winter”

„Gdy dzika gęś w marcu przybywa, ciepła wiosna bywa” – “When a wild goose arrives in March, it can be a warm spring”

„W marcu jak w garncu” – “In March like in a pot”

„Gdy w marcu topnieje, to na wiosnę mróz bieleje”“When it melts in March, there is frost in the Spring”

„W Wielką Niedzielę pogoda, duża w polu uroda”“On Good Sunday great weather, great beauty in the field”

„Gdy Wielki Piątek ponury, Wielkanoc będzie bez chmury” – “When Good Friday is gloomy, Easter will be without a cloud”

„Grzmot w maju nie szkodzi, sad dobrze obrodzi” – “The thunder in May does not hurt, the orchard will harvest well”

„W kwietniu gdy pszczoła jeszcze nieruchliwa, mokra wiosna zwykle bywa” –“In April, when the bee is still immobile, wet spring usually happens”

„W kwietniu łagodne kwiatki, w grudniu śnieżne płatki” – “Gentle flowers in April, snow flakes in December”

„Gdy w kwietniu słonko na dworze, nie będzie pustek w komorze” – “When the sun is outside in April, there will be no emptiness in the chamber”

Wiosna. Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Happy Spring!!!

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  1. Alexei:

    I think it’s Fat Tuesday, not Thursday. MARDI gras! Paczki are a favorite, too.
    Do widzenia!

  2. Dorothy Malanowski Brady:

    Hello Kasia! Thank you for reminding me why my mother used to hit me with palms on Palm Sunday. This is the first Easter without her and I don’t want to ever forget my Polish upbringing. My grandparents immigrated from Poland so many years ago. I still take pride in being Polish and am proud of it!

    • Kasia:

      @Dorothy Malanowski Brady That’s wonderful Dorothy that you are proud to be Polish! Check out my blogs as often as you can and send a message if you have any questions.

  3. Maryann:

    Hello Kasie, you are so right about giving that gift to your daughters. My grandparents came at turn of the century late 1800’s early 1900 and they relied on their children to learn English and then my parents spoke it by they did not teach the children. I know some words and little more. It was a big mistake. Thank you for your website and fyi I live in MA, grew up in a very heavily Polish community, Webster MA. God Bless, Maryann

    • Kasia:

      @Maryann Thank you Maryann for visiting the blog!