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Rodzaje biżuterii Posted by on Aug 29, 2011 in Vocabulary

Which girl does not like jewelry (biżuteria)? I think we all do…different types (różne rodzaje), different styles (różne style), but there is always something for each one of us! And I’m sure there are a lot of men who like jewelry as well…maybe tie clips (spinki do krawatów)?

I especially love bracelets (bransoletki). They can be gold (złote) or silver (srebrne), sometimes made out of leather (skórzane), or different gemstones (z różnych kamieni szlachetnych). Sometimes they have all kinds of different beads (koraliki) on it.

Most of us will always have a watch (zegarek) on our wrists. Some people prefer elegant style (styl elegancki), other like simple sport style (prosty styl sportowy) and then there are also athletes who own very specific watches with additional functions (specyficzne zegarki z dodatkowymi funkcjami).

There are many styles of necklaces (naszyjniki) and korale (necklace made out of beads). You can always add specific pendant (wisiorek, zawieszka) to any necklace.

Now for the earrings (kolczyki) there are few different types: clip-on (klipsy), studs (wkręty), dangle earrings (zwisające) and chandelier type earrings, with few layers (zwisające z kilkoma warstwami).

Rings (pierścionki) also can be different: engagement rings (pierścionki zaręczynowe), cocktail rings (pierścionki koktajlowe) or just regular rings. And then of course we have wedding band (obrączka).

Brooch or pin (broszka) can be pinned to your clothes or accessories.

And last we need something to hold our jewelry in. It could be a box (pudełko), tray (podstawka) or special jewelry bag.

Did I miss something? I probably did. But hopefully I listed the most common types of jewelry.

And today again I’m attaching a video with pronunciation.

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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