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salatka-jarzynowaSałatka jarzynowa is a great Polish salad, but not like the green leaf salad that most people in USA are used to. Polish salad has the ingredients cut very small and has a quite different appearance from leaf salad. It almost looks like a pasta salad with no pasta. Sałatka is one of my favourite Polish dishes and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should try to make it. It is really easy to make and very tasty!

In fact, it is traditionally made for all holidays in most of Polish homes. And it should definitely appear on Easter table!

Here is a recipie for you. It takes a little longer than regular salad to make, but it is definitely worth it.

There are many types of sałatka with different ingredients but my favourite is this one:
  • Potato (2 med)
  • Eggs (4)
  • Carrots (2)
  • Parsnip roots (2)
  • Celery root (0.5)
  • Apple (1)
  • Dill Pickles (2 -3)
  • Green peas (half can)
  • Corn from the can (half can)
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise (full fat tastes the best)
  • Salt/pepper

1. Boil vegetables (except of green peas, pickles and corn) until soft and hard boil eggs.

2. Peel cooked vegetables, pickles and apple.

3. Dice vegetables and eggs as small as possible and place in a dish.

4. Add mustard, mayonnaise, salt and pepper and mix. There is no right amount of these. When a different person makes it they add different amounts and it comes out slightly different each time. At the end, after you mix everything, you can spread a little mayonnaise on the top and add some parsley leaves for decoration.

Experiment and have fun with it.

Sałatka is great on it’s own or with kiełbasa or on a kanapka. I have tried it with most things and it’s always great.

Good luck and let me know how did you like it!

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)



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  1. John Washbush:

    Kasia … I am in the process of making this salatka at this very moment. I went to my cupboard and found three cans of cooked mixed veggies and it is almost the perfect blend of stuff … potatoes, peas, carrots, green beans and, for good measure, lima beans. Ok, so maybe I will take the lima beans out. But, by morning this will be nice and cold and well aged and fantastic. I plan to call the neighbors over …


  2. sila:

    my mother liked to add beets in this salad, that gave a lovely pink color to the mayonnaise – as children we called it the pink salad;