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Did you know that Poppy is the national flower of Poland? Posted by on May 21, 2021

National Flowers (kwiaty narodowe) are symbols representing a country. Some national flowers have cultural or religious roots (korzenie kulturowe lub religijne) that go back hundreds or even thousands of years and may or may not have been officially adopted. The national flower of Poland is a beautiful red poppy (czerwony mak)! Native flowers (rodzime kwiaty) of…

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Do Poles celebrate International Pizza Day? Posted by on Feb 9, 2021

We sure love gołąbki, pierogi, bigos and pączki (we will have plenty of these in just couple of days!)…but we also love a good pizza! You heard it right, it might not be Italian quality, but Poles are great pizza makers as well! And they sure know about International Pizza Day! And what a better day…

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Few basic facts about Poland Posted by on Jan 8, 2014

Ask any tourist about Poland and you might get a mumble of beautiful cities, vodka, communist rule, Pope John Paul II and Euro 2012. Here are few facts I picked up to help make your visit even more meaningful and interesting: * Nearly 35% of the 60 million Poles live abroad and large Polish speaking…

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When a Free Sample Isn’t Free Posted by on Jun 22, 2009

There are many things that I love about Poland, but there are also many others that irritate me to no end (post office – Poczta Polska is just one of them). Another one of those things that get me really cranky are free samples that aren’t free. But let’s start from the beginning. I was…

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Namedays Posted by on Jun 18, 2009

Imieniny. I’m sure that anyone who has spent more than five minutes (ok, five days) in Poland is familiar, even if only vaguely, with this glorious occasion. The custom of celebrating namedays (imieniny) is not unique to Poland (some other countries do it, too), but I think only in Poland imieniny are taken so seriously…

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Na poczcie – At the Post Office Posted by on Apr 26, 2009

I had to go to the Post Office yesterday and managed to make a total fool out of myself in the process. And all this shame and public humiliation could have been avoided, if only I had paid closer attention when reading blogi (blogs) by foreign expats in Poland. So, this is what happened. I…

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Gender and Occupations, continued… Posted by on Mar 28, 2009

Remember when I mentioned that the EU head honchos in Brussels want us to stop using gender specific names for professions? I also said that it was something I agreed with. Wow! I never thought that that particular post would provoke so many emails. Both for and against. But you see, we already have many…

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