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Welcome to Hel! Posted by on May 31, 2009

Hel (with one “L”) is a very pleasant place, I know because I went there yesterday. I would post some photos, however the file upload problem hasn’t been resolved yet (but the guys from Transparent are doing what they can to get it sorted out). So, instead of looking at pretty pictures of Hel, you’ll…

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Where is Stanisławów? Posted by on Aug 25, 2008

One of our readers, Debbie, had a question about a town, which she thought might have been in Galicja (“Galicia” in English). And because this is a blog about all things Polish, we’re talking here about the Polish Galicia, not the one in Spain. Debbie wasn’t sure of the spelling, but luckily, I knew exactly…

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Bobrowniki Wielkie Posted by on Jul 14, 2008

One of the readers, Ed, had a question about a village called Bobrowniki Wielkie, located somewhere near Tarnów. Ed’s mother was born in Bobrowniki and he wanted to know more about the place. Initially, I was stumped, I never heard of it myself. But no worries, after a bit of searching, I found some info…

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Where in the World Is Galicia Posted by on Jun 20, 2008

I would like to welcome all my new readers and thank you guys for commenting. It’s great to see your feedback! I also want to encourage you to ask me questions and offer suggestion regarding what you want me to write about here. Don’t be shy! Whether it’s grammar, spelling, history, or “my grandma used…

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