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Polish Numbers: 1 – 100 Posted by on Apr 7, 2010

I have written about Polish numbers on this blog before, but in several different posts (please use the search function to find them). And this time I was asked to skip all the convoluted grammar explanations and details about what declines, how and when, and just serve the numbers only, straight up. So here they…

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Numbers from 11 to 99 Posted by on Jan 12, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I promised you we would take a look at “big” numbers, in Polish of course. And I think today would be a good time to do. Let’s start with today’s date: January 12, 2010. In Polish: dwunastego stycznia, dwa tysiące dziesiątego roku. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, I know… But unfortunately…

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A New Decade Is Here Posted by on Jan 3, 2010

Hello everyone! So… how does it feel to live in 2010? I see there’s a debate going on in the media (at least in the US) on what to call this year in English: twenty-ten or two thousand ten. I’m in the 20-10 camp myself. Luckily, there’s no such problem in Polish. It’s rok dwa…

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Readers Ask – I Answer: Counting Things in Polish Posted by on Oct 22, 2009

I was going to stay in bed and marinate under the covers for one more day (yes, my cold has morphed into a full-blown bronchitis now) but a reader’s email made me crawl out to face the enemy. The email had that panicky and ominous tone making it sound as if the intergalactic victory of…

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Polish Numbers Revisited Posted by on Mar 12, 2009

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th (piątek, trzynastego) but instead of writing about superstitions (przesądy), I thought we should take another look at liczebniki (numbers) instead. A number (no pun intended) of you had questions about numbers, and since they are all very valid questions, it’s more convenient to answer them in a separate blog post…

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Cardinal Numbers Posted by on Mar 4, 2009

The post where I attempted to count priests (is it “dwaj księża” or “dwóch księży”?) made me realize that we’ve never talked about numbers before. Hmmm… I wonder why I’ve been avoiding this particular topic. Really, no reason at all. Yeah, right! Ok, in that case, let’s get started. I’m sure that most, if not…

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