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Do you know how Warsaw got its guardian mermaid? Posted by on Apr 27, 2021

Warsaw mermaid by the river

I’m pretty sure that most of you, who visited Warsaw, noticed different mermaid statues, carvings and paintings. They appear everywhere. Feisty and beautiful, this fish-tailed creature is called Syrenka, the guardian mermaid, The Mermaid of Warsaw! You may wonder, where did she come from? Well, there are two different stories. First one is about Prince Kazimierz. While hunting…

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Sknery R Us Posted by on Feb 7, 2009

I am what you might call “dusigrosz” or “sknera” in Polish. In other words, I’m cheap, as in “I’m a cheapskate.” I travel on a budget, drive an old car (but I keep it running perfectly) and I don’t like to spend money on things I don’t need. If there are things I do need…

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You like Warsaw? Thank an Italian! Posted by on May 18, 2008

Bernardo was not a happy guy. His life stunk, but then again, so did the lives of all the other court painters in his days. Kissing up to the local princelings to get a new contract every few years wasn’t exactly all fun and games. And then, there was his uncle – Canaletto – also…

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