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There are various types of transportation that keep the day to day operations of Polish society up and running.  We need roadways open and unobstructed to get to work each day.  Airplanes (samoloty) need to fly us to far away destinations to transact business deals or just for vacation getaways.  Subway (metro) and public transportation (transport publiczny) are the center of major city operations: buses (autobusy), trains (pociągi), trams (tramwaje) and trolleys (trolejbusy). School buses (autobusy szkolne) transport thousands of children to classes.  Trucks (ciężarówki) deliver everyday items to distribution centers and warehouses.  Barges (barki) float down rivers and waterways carrying natural resources like coal and steel.  It is all a part of keeping our daily lives moving every day.

Little kids need strollers (wózki) and when they get a little bigger, wagon (wagon) is great to tow their toys in (or each other).

A lot of people have bicycles (rowery), motorcycles (motocykle, motory) or cars (samochody), but while on the vacation we often use taxis (taksówki) or limousines (limuzyny).

When there is an emergency we hear fire trucks (wozy strażackie) and ambulances (karetki pogotowia, ambulanse). Farmers use tractors (traktory), sprayers (opryskiwacze) and mowers (kosiarki) in their daily work.

And when we plan vacation, we may be going sailing on the sailboat (żaglówka), canoeing on the rivers and lakes in canoe (czółno) or kayaking in your favorite kayak (kajak). We can choose a trip on the boat (łódź, statek), a cruise ship (statek wycieczkowy) or take a ferry (prom) to get to different destinations.

As you see, there are a lot of different types of transportation. I may have missed something, but hopefully vocabulary is helpful.

I’m adding a video with pronunciation of most of the polish words used in this text.

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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