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Beer lovers will not be disappointed visiting Poland! There is a lot to choose from:) Beer is incredibly popular in Poland, mostly lagers and pilsners. But there are also some excellent Baltic-style porters.

The most popular breweries in Poland are Tyskie, Żywiec, Lech and Okocim. Czech and German beers can also be found in Poland, which makes sense due to the closeness (geographically) of the three countries. Until 2012, craft beer in Poland was non-existent. Today, Poland is one of the fastest-growing craft beer markets in Europe.

So why do people love Polish (and not only) beer (piwo)?

Well…definitely because it tastes good (smakuje dobrze)! Since there are so many different flavors of beer out there, someone is bound to find something they like the taste of.

Image by Peter Kraayvanger from Pixabay

And it also makes you feel good  (również sprawia, że ​​czujesz się dobrze)! Just like other types of alcohol (alkohol), beer can give you a nice buzz. Even more interesting, the Indiana Alcohol Research Center found that just the taste of beer, without any effect from alcohol, can trigger the production of dopamine (dopamina), making you feel good. Amazing, right?

What else? Well, it brings us together! Whether you or your friends are enjoying a pint at the local bar or you’re sharing cans at a house party, beer is a very social drink (napój towarzyski). It loosens your tongue to make discussion easier and provides you with a wealth of flavors to discuss. And it is great at any time of the year! I love it in the summer time, when it is super hot, but I also enjoy beer after skiing in a very cold weather!

Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay

Also, beer has been proven to boost creativity  (zwiększyć kreatywnośćby making you feel more relaxed and less worried (bardziej zrelaksowany/zrelakowana i mniej zmartwiony/zmartwiona) about what’s going on around you. This enhanced creativity can make you better in social situations and artistic ones as well.

Should I keep going?

My favorite Polish beer is definitely Żywiec Porter. You can always identify this beer by its deep brown color. It is a popular beer manufactured by Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn breweries. the beer has been in existence since 1881. It is dark-colored, having 9.5% Alcohol by Volume (ABV). If you love beers that have a strong taste, then this product is for you. Their main ingredients include clear water and malt.

Another one of my favorites is Żubr. This beer features a deep golden color. Its taste can compare to a pilsner taste with a floral aroma. Żubr is a lighter beer with an ABV of 6%.

The best Polish beer brands are popular because of their safe ingredients. Furthermore, some of them have a natural honey sweetening to make them more pleasant.

Happy drinking! And please let us know what is your favorite Polish beer?

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