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What do you want to be when you grow up? Posted by on May 26, 2011 in Vocabulary

You probably remember people asking you this question where you were little…and when you were in high school…and when you were choosing which college to go to.

The answer probably has changed few times as you were getting older…

Here is a list of most popular professions:

lawyer – prawnik

judge – sędzia

doctor – lekarz, doktor (pediatrician – pediatra, physician – lekarz ogólny, psychiatrist – psychiatra, dentist – dentysta, oncologist – onkolog,neurologist – neurolog, cardiologist – kardiolog, dermatologist – dermatolog, gastrologist – gastrolog, gynecologist – ginekolog, surgeon – chirurg)

veterinarian – lekarz weterynarii or weterynarz

pharmacist – farmaceuta

nurse – pielęgniarka

farmer – rolnik

nanny – niania

babysitter – opiekunka do dziecka

hairdresser – fryzjer (fryzjerka – female)

beautician – kosmetyczka

massage therapist – masażysta (masażystka – female)

police officer – policjant (policjantka – female)

driver – kierowca

accountant – księgowy (księgowa – female)

receptionist – recepcjonista (recepcjonistka  – female)

assistant – asystent (asystentka – female)

cook – kucharz (kucharka- female)

baker – piekarz

waiter – kelner (kelnerka – female)

manager – kierownik (kierowniczka – female)

director – dyrektor (dyrektorka – female)

teacher , tutor – nauczyciel (nauczycielka – female)

mechanic – mechanik

security guard – strażnik

tour guide – przewodnik

housekeeping, cleaning person – sprzątaczka

cashier – kasjer

sales person – sprzedawca

agent – agent

writer – pisarz

journalist – dziennikarz

musician – muzyk

singer – śpiewak, piosekarz (piosenkarka – female)

plumber – hydraulik

electrician – elektryk

handyman – “złota rączka”

florist – kwiaciarz (kwiaciarka – female)

designer – projektant (projektantka – female)

meteorologist – meteorolog

builder – budowniczy

fireman – strażak

lifeguard – ratownik

stylist – stylista

guardian – opiekun

blacksmith – kowal

gardener – ogrodnik

linguist – językoznawca, lingwista

IT specialist – informatyk

decorator – dekorator

cosmonaut – kosmonauta

actor – aktor (aktorka – female)

play, movie writer – scenarzysta

cameraman – kamerzysta

cartoonist – rysownik

pilot – pilot

seamstress – krawcowa

dancer – tancerz (tancerka – female)

librarian – bibliotekarz (bibliotekarka – female)

I’m sure there are more professions I did not mention, but hopefully I mentioned the most common ones.

I always wanted to be tancerka….Did not happen…but still I’m happy.

What was you dream profession when you were little?

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)


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