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Project Xingu Posted by on Jul 31, 2007

BBCBrasil.com | Interatividade | Projeto Xingu: No Coração do Brasil Today I will translate this article, so you can read it in Portuguese, then in English, then in Portuguese or use the translation purely as a reference. Enjoy! “Sue and Patrick Cunningham are realizing an incredible adventure throught the heart of Brazil. The two English…

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Pegadinha – Elevator Prank Posted by on Jul 31, 2007

Pegadinha is the Portuguese word for ‘prank;’ it is quite commonly used in Brazil, thanks in large part to the prevalence of TV prank shows. Click here to watch a hilarious video where a public elevator is outfitted as a toilet, complete with an actor playing the role of an alarmed patron. A useful piece…

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Seasons in Portuguese Posted by on Jul 31, 2007

This post is self-explanatory. Visit this BYKI Web list to learn or practice the words for the different seasons in Portuguese. There’s a funny saying in Brazil regarding the weather: “Inverno ou inferno” meaning that it’s either the winter… or it’s hot as heck

Dia das Crianças Posted by on Jul 30, 2007

Children’s Day in Brazil O Dia das Crianças, or ‘Children’s Day’ is celebrated across Brazil on October 12th of each year. The day coincides with the national holiday celebrating Nossa Senhora de Conceição Aparecida, or Our Lady of the Conception who Appeared, the patron saint of Brazil. Though there exists an International Children’s Day…

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Where do people speak Portuguese? Posted by on Jul 25, 2007

There are about 10 million speakers of Portuguese in Portugual itself, and the large majority of speakers in Brazil (about 150 million), but where else in the world can one hear this wonderful language spoken? The short answer: former Portuguese colonies. The Lusophonic (Portuguese-speaking) world, also known as the Lusosphere really wraps around the globe…

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De Repente Posted by on Jul 24, 2007

Here’s a neat colloquial ‘hack’ in Brazilian Portuguese. Instead of using ‘talvez’ to say ‘maybe,’ you can say ‘de repente.’ De repente usually mean ‘suddenly,’ but it is commonly used, at least in Rio, as ‘maybe.’ While ‘talvez’ requires the subjunctive e.g. ‘quem sabe, talvez seja melhor ficar aqui,’ you can use ‘de repente’ with…

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Brazil retains Copa America! Posted by on Jul 20, 2007

With their decisive upset of Argentina on Monday July 16th, the Brazilian soccer team won the Copa America for the 8th time, defending the title. Here’s an article in English and one in Português about the victory. Many have noted the absence of several top Brazilian superstars, including Ronaldinho himself. Perhaps this lack of firepower…

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