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Podcast: Making an Order on the Phone Posted by on Nov 28, 2008

OrderingonPhonePodcast For today’s podcast, we’re going to learn how to order by phone. Click on the link above to listen! Boa noite. Gostaria de fazer um pedido. Meu telefone é 7555-8222. Meu endereço é Rua dos Patins, 300, apartamento número 215. Quero pedir frango agridoce, yakisoba de camarão e uma Coca Cola de 1 litro…

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Grandma Calendar Girls Posted by on Nov 27, 2008

In the town of São Vicente in São Paulo state, the city government came up with an idea to promote wellness and fitness amongst senior citizens: a calendar of pin-up girls consisting entirely of elderly women. Twelve women were chosen from fifty-four candidates in an online contest, and the winners were photographed in athletic clothes…

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Brazilian College Student Becomes Richest Man in the World Posted by on Nov 26, 2008

…for a day. Douglas de Mello, age 21, is a college student in Rio Grande do Sul. In October, he made a deposit in his bank account and looked at the receipt to make sure it had gone through. Much to his surprise, his account balance appeared as R$432 billion, three times the wealth of…

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Brazil Under Water Posted by on Nov 25, 2008

Over the past two weeks, southern Brazil has been hit with serious rainstorms, causing the most damage in Santa Catarina state. Last week, rainstorms in Rio de Janeiro caused flooding and chaos on the roadways. But the most serious problem is in the interior of Santa Catarina, where around 60 people have died in floods…

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Brazilian Profile: Elza Soares Posted by on Nov 24, 2008

One of Brazil’s greatest samba singers, Elza Soares is not only a Brazilian cultural icon, but a symbol of endurance and courage.  Born in 1930 in the Água Santa shantytown in Rio de Janeiro’s Zona Norte, Elza grew up in extreme poverty. Her mother was a washerwoman, and sometimes forced her to nurse from a…

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Epoca’s Brazilian Blog Picks Posted by on Nov 21, 2008

This week, Epoca Magazine released a list of recommended international and Brazilian blogs. Let’s take a look at some of the Brazilian picks: Ah! TriNé, about marketing in Brazil Bichinhos de Jardim, an online cartoon series featuring talking insects Blog do Sakamoto, about human rights Brainstorm #9, about marketing and publicity Brogui, a collection of…

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College Majors in Portuguese Posted by on Nov 20, 2008

In Brazil, a college major is called a graduação. Unlike American universities, Brazilian colleges allow students to graduate as lawyers, doctors, and other specialized careers from their undergraduate studies, which for these majors is sometimes more than four years of study. We’re going to take a look at some common Brazilian majors: Administração: Administration Arquitetura…

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