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Making a salad Posted by on Jan 29, 2010

Today we’re going to look at some food and cooking vocabulary by making a salad together in Portuguese and English. We’re going to look a very simple recipe with some simple words. Salada simples (Simple Salad) Ingredientes (Ingredients) – 1 alface americana (I head of lettuce) – 2 cenouras raladas (2 peeled carrots) – 1…

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Idioms illustrated Posted by on Jan 27, 2010

The funny thing about idioms is that sometimes its literal meaning is totally absurd and non-sense. That is visible in “Pequeno dicionário ilustrado de expressões idiomáticas” – “The little idioms illustrated dictionary”. Below you can see a couple of the images: Sem pé nem cabeça                 Pagando o pato To check more images visit http://imasters.uol.com.br/artigo/3220 Check…

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Brazil, Cerca 1930 Posted by on Jan 27, 2010

Studying history in Portuguese can be difficult if you’re still learning the language, but there are plenty of great resources online in English for Brazilian history. Today, I present you with a fantastic discovery, found on The Good Blood Brazilian culture blog: “Gigantic Brazil and Its Glittering Capitals.” The article, written for National Geographic Magazine…

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São Paulo Fashion Week Posted by on Jan 26, 2010

Last week was one of the biggest weeks in Brazilian fashion: São Paulo Fashion Week. Here is some of the coverage from the event, where you can see lots of fun photos and videos. UOL Estilo iG Moda Elle Brasil Fashion Forward MSNBC Vocab hint: in Portuguese, fashion is moda or estilo.

Lyrics Practice: Olodum Posted by on Jan 25, 2010

Olodum is an internationally renowned band from Salvador with amazing percussion. Today, we’re going to do some listening practice with their song Requebra. This is another Carnival song as we quickly approach February! Lyrics Requebra, requebra, requebra assim pode falar, pode rir de mim Requebra! Deusa de marron Jeito sensual Quando ela passa agita a…

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Brazil’s States and Capitals Posted by on Jan 22, 2010

It’s important to learn the Brazilian states and their capitals, especially if you plan on traveling in Brazil. Today, we’re going to review them and also see what some of the states and cities mean in English when translated from Portuguese. Acre – Rio Branco [sharp, pungent, acrid] [White River] Alagoas – Maceió Amapá –…

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Laugh and learn Posted by on Jan 20, 2010

The science of language acquisition has already proven that people tend to learn more and better in a relaxed environment and with funny material. That’s why I’m gonna talk about comedy in Brazil. More specifically about standup comedy. Brazilians are famous for being a happy people and having good sense of humor. However this kind…

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