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Archive for December, 2010

História de Natal Digital Posted by on Dec 20, 2010

I just posted this over on my personal blog and had to share it with you all here too.  A Digital Agency in Portugal made this video telling the story of Christmas if it were as online as our lives are today.  I thought it was genious (that’s a lot to say about a Portuguese…

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Lula on Wikileaks Posted by on Dec 17, 2010

Last week, President Lula took a moment to discuss Wikileaks and his thoughts on the controversial website. There are subtitles available in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese but you can also watch the video without them to practice your listening comprehension. Have a look and see if you can answer the questions. Questions 1.  What…

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Carimbó Posted by on Dec 14, 2010

One of the reasons I love learning about Brazil is that just when you think you know all about its culture, you’ll discover a new art or music or dance form that you never knew about. Today was one of those days, when I discovered carimbó. Carimbó is a type of Brazilian music and dance…

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Carioquês – Getting Around Rio Like a Native Posted by on Dec 13, 2010

The biggest tourist hot spot in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, has its own slang and almost overall dialect.  Living in São Paulo and being around the Paulistanês “language” all the time, to me it’s quite refreshing to go to Rio and listening to Carioquês and its malandro nature. Cariocas speak with a certain coolness in…

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New Brazilian Commercials Posted by on Dec 8, 2010

Brazil is known for having excellent PR firms which produce some really cool commercials, so here are a few recent ones for you to test your listening comprehension skills: Havaianas Flip Flops Part PSA, Part Commercial Why are the guys in flip flops in trouble? Brastemp A beautiful video that went viral Who organized the…

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Brasileirão and the Fluminense Victory Posted by on Dec 7, 2010

You know that feeling you get when your team makes it to the Super Bowl or the World Series?  Or for those non-Americans, when there’s a big national tournament that decides the fate of who the national champion is going to be that year? Well, Sunday was like that for me.  The Brasileirão, is our…

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Brazilian Wedding Gifts Posted by on Dec 6, 2010

In a previous post, Poly talked about Brazilian wedding traditions and what to expect at a Brazilian wedding. Today we’re going to discuss more wedding traditions, specifically about gifts. Inspired by seeing the tradition in action at my brother-in-law’s wedding, I thought it would be fun to share! There are a couple of different options…

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