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Collective Nouns in Portuguese: Nature Posted by on May 31, 2011

Last week, we learned about animal collectives in Portuguese. This week, we’re going to learn about nature-related collective nouns. arquipélago – islands (archipelago)     cacho – bunch of bananas or grapes cordilheira – mountains feixe – kindling / wood for burning flora – plants or vegetables (flora) floresta / bosque – trees (forest) miríade – stars…

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Good and Well Posted by on May 31, 2011

Since much of Portuguese Blog is aimed at intermediate and advanced learners, I thought we’d do a post to help some of our readers who are just starting to study Portuguese. Still, this particular tip should be useful for everyone, since I’ve noticed this is a common mistake. Bem vs. bom It’s important to remember…

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Brazilian Hip Hop – Emicida Posted by on May 30, 2011

Yesterday I went to a huge hip hop festival here in São Paulo, with international names like John Legend, Ja Rule, & The Roots, but also some Brazilian independent artists like Copacabana Club (which isn’t a hip hop band, but they’re pretty good!) & then some big name Brazilian hip hop artists. I’m actually pretty…

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A Banda Mais Bonita Da Cidade Posted by on May 27, 2011

A band from Curitiba, Paraná recently released a video that has blown up on the Internet with close to 3 million views and newfound fans from around the world. The song, called Oração, which means prayer, is performed by a group called A Banda Mais Bonita Da Cidade. They have various other songs out but…

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Hard to Believe Posted by on May 25, 2011

The other day, I was talking to a Brazilian friend and he used an expression that I wanted to share, since it’s perfect for using in everyday conversation. Por mais incrível que pareça / Pelo incrível que pareça This expression roughly translates as, “As difficult as it is to believe,” or “As hard as it…

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