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Can I Speak To The Manager Please? Posted by on Jun 30, 2014

Olá, pessoal! Have you ever had to return something to a store? What was it like? Well, I witnessed a dialogue at a store these days and I thought I’d share it with you (we never know when we are going to need it, right?) Na Loja – At The Store Atendente: Bom dia! Pois…

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Soccer Vocabulary in Portuguese Posted by on Jun 27, 2014

Olá pessoal! We’re halfway through the World Cup so I decided to share soccer vocabulary with you guys today! Estão prontos? Download audio At the Soccer Field Bandeirinha – Flagpost Canto – Corner Estádio – Stadium, ground Grande área – Penalty area Lateral – Touch line Linha da grande área – Penalty area marking Linha…

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Beginner Vocabulary: Food Part 02 Posted by on Jun 23, 2014

Olá, pessoal! Let’s continue our list of food vocabulary (with audio, aww yeah!). I’m also adding some interesting adjectives and useful words that are not food themselves, ok? Let’s do this! Download audio defumado – smoked derretido – melted desossado – boneless doce – sweet drinque – cocktail dúzia – dozen empanado – breaded enguia…

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Improve Your Portuguese: 07 Brazilian Expressions Posted by on Jun 15, 2014

Olá, pessoal! Learning grammar is very useful, but if you want to speak REAL Brazilian Portuguese you need to be familiar with their expressions and peculiar words. Are you ready to learn seven really useful and cool expressions in Brazilian Portuguese? Let’s do this! Download audio 01. Torrar grana – to blow money Queria saber…

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English Man Tasting Brazilian Treats Posted by on Jun 9, 2014

Olá, pessoal! I just came across this video on Youtube of an English man tasting some (delicious!) Brazilian treats a a viwer called Breatriz sent him. Here are the goodies he tasted and the right pronunciation: Download audio – Tortuguita – Paçoquita / Paçoca – Diamante Negro – Pé-de-moleque – Pé-de-moça – Cocadinha da Bahia…

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