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My End of the Year Message For You Posted by on Dec 29, 2014

Olá, pessoal! Tudo bem por aí? Espero que sim! Wow! 2014 has been a great year for me and it’s coming to an end, so I would really like to thank you, my dear reader. Thank you! Thank you for supporting our work Thank you for commenting and sharing our posts Thank you for…

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Intermediate Conversation: Solving a Crime Posted by on Dec 20, 2014

Olá, pessoal! Before the year ends, let me help you improve your Portuguese with a conversation about solving a crime. There is a vocabulary list before the conversation so you’ll get acquainted with the new words and expressions. Vamos lá! Resolvendo um Crime Vocabulary pacificamente – peacefully farmácia – drugstore refrigerante – soda do lado…

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What the heck does “Xô” mean? Posted by on Dec 15, 2014

“Xô” is something (as I can’t quite say it’s an expression) that we say when we want something away from us, when we don’t want it to approach. A really common and widespread one is Xô, Saravá! Although saravá has a good connotation in a few religious groups it has received, over time, a quite…

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Beginner’s Portuguese: How To Greet Someone – Part 02 Posted by on Dec 10, 2014

Olá! Today we have the second part of our beginner’s Portuguese post on how to greet someone. Are you ready? Perguntas pessoais – Personal questions Você é de onde? / De onde você é? – Where are you from? O que você faz? – What do you do? Onde você trabalha? – Where do you…

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Beginner’s Portuguese: How To Greet Someone – Part 01 Posted by on Dec 5, 2014

Olá, tudo bem? I’d been checking the blog posts and I (for the life of me) don’t know how I haven’t written anything about greeting someone in Portuguese yet. So here’s a little beginning lesson for you! Part 02 will come soon! Saudações e Apresentações – Greetings and Introductions Oi. – Hi. Olá. – Hello…

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To Be: Ficar or Estar? Posted by on Dec 1, 2014

Olá, pessoal! Many Portuguese learners will often use the word estar instead of ficar when referring to the verb “to be”, most definitely because that is exactly how it would be said in English. In English you can say that the teddy bear is on the bed and that the bathroom is at the end…

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