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Sports vocab Posted by on Jul 30, 2016

E aí, pessoal? What’s up, everybody? August 5th marks the beginning of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The games are a major sporting event worldwide. Are you guys excited? If you’re um fã de esportes (a sports fan) or just intend to watch the competitions (whether attend it in person or watch the…

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Escrevendo em português Posted by on Jul 20, 2016

Olá a todos! Hey, everybody! If you are studying Portuguese, learning how to escrever (write) properly is an important skill to master. Writing a fluid and coherent text takes some practice and there are certain discourse markers and connectors that should be used to link your ideas and make your point. Today’s post will teach…

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[Brazilian Cinema] – Part V Posted by on Jul 18, 2016

Semana passada (Last week) Brazil lost one of its greatest artists: the filmmaker Hector Babenco, who passed away on July 13th. Born in 1946 in Argentina, Babenco mudou-se (moved) to our country at the idade (age) of 19, and was naturalized a Brazilian citizen shortly after. His remarkable career amounts to onze (eleven) feature…

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Rio de Janeiro Museums Posted by on Jul 10, 2016

Olá, pessoal! Hey, guys! As you probably know, the olympics estão chegando (are coming up)! This year, they will be held in the cidade maravilhosa (marvellous city), Rio de Janeiro. The cariocas (native of Rio de Janeiro) have plenty to offer. There are several things to see and do in Rio, and most tourists wouldn’t…

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Computer, internet and office vocabulary Posted by on Jul 6, 2016

Oi pessoal! Have you ever had a hard time trying to use a computer in Brazilian Portuguese? Have you ever found yourself using the words “this thing” to refer to everyday objects in the escritório (office)?   Today we are going to check out some vocabulary related to computers and office. Take a look…

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Clothes and accessories in Portuguese Posted by on Jul 1, 2016

Oi, gente! Hey, you guys! We’re in the middle of the year, which means winter has finally arrived to cool Brazilians off for a couple of months. It’s time to layer up, wear a jacket and a scarf to get warm in this cold weather. So how about we see some words related to…

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