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[Portuguese listening/reading practice] – “Por dois segundos (…)” Posted by on Oct 31, 2017

[Prática de escuta e leitura em Português] Oi, gente! Hi everyone! The time for our listening and reading practice has come! Today’s selected text is called “Por dois segundos eu vi um Brasil que havia superado escravidão dos negros” (For two seconds I saw a Brazil that had overcome slavery) by writer Antônio Prata. It…

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The signs in Portuguese Posted by on Oct 28, 2017

Olá, pessoal! Hello, all! How are you feeling today? Are you in a good mood or in a bad mood today? And does the position of the planets has anything to do with that? Maybe that is not true about your country, but lately everything has been all about star signs here in Brazil. Whether…

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The verbs ‘acostumar’ and ‘costumar’ in Portuguese Posted by on Oct 25, 2017

Ei, pessoal! Hi, guys! Vocês costumam estudar Português com frequência? Do you usually study Portuguese often? Today we will learn about two verbs that are frequently used in Portuguese: acostumar e costumar. Although they look practically the same and have very similar functions, they actually have slightly different meaning, in addition to being used in…

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How to use “whose” in Portuguese Posted by on Oct 22, 2017

Ei, gente! Como está o outubro de vocês? Hey, people! How is your October going? The word whose is very common in English and it indicates posse (possession). Whose can be used in two ways: as an pronome interrogativo (interrogative pronoun) and as a pronome relativo (relative pronoun). But how can we say that in…

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Children’s day in Brazil/ Children vocabulary Posted by on Oct 16, 2017

[Dia das crianças no Brasil] Olá, pessoal! Hello everybody! Last Thursday, on October 12th, we celebrated Dia das Crianças (Children’s day) in Brazil. Even though United Nations and Unesco have declared November 20th as Universal Children’s Day, the date is commemorate around the world in many different days. In Portugal and many other countries, for…

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[Brazilian literature] – Brasil: Uma biografia Posted by on Oct 7, 2017

Biographies are, by definition, a literary genre that aims to provide a person’s life history, describing their experience, main events and relationships in detail. In Brasil: Uma biografia (Brazil: a biography) by scholars Lilian Schwarcz and Heloisa Starling, though the approach is the same, there is a little twist to it: the protagonist is our…

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