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Olá, pessoal! Hello, all!

How are you feeling today? Are you in a good mood or in a bad mood today? And does the position of the planets has anything to do with that?

Maybe that is not true about your country, but lately everything has been all about star signs here in Brazil. Whether people believe in astrology or not, the idea that our signs can determine important characteristics of our personalities and even work as predictions about our future draws a lot of curiosity, besides being a major conversation topics at bars. If you interact with Brazilians a lot, you have likely been asked about your sign before, right?

Since many people enjoy talking about it so much, today’s post will teach you ways to talk about signs in Portuguese. So trust the stars and let’s dive in!

Os signos
(photo by cliquetando)

Palavras relacionadas – Related words

  • signo – sign
  • ascendente – rising sign
  • horóscopo – horoscope
  • mapa astral – birth chart
  • astrologia – astrology
  • zodíaco – zodiac
  • data de nascimento – date of birth
  • personalidade – personality
  • previsão – prediction
  • quatro elementos – four elements
  • terra, ar, fogo, água – earth, wind, fire, water

Como perguntar e responder sobre signos? – How to ask and answer about signs?

  • Qual é seu signo? – What is your sign?
  • De que signo você é? – What sign are you?
  • Qual é seu ascendente? – What is your rising sign?
  • Quando você nasceu? – When were you born?
  • Meu signo é _____/ Eu sou do signo de ____ – My sign is _____
  • Meu ascendente é em _____  – My rising sign is _____
  • Eu sou ______ (adjetivo*) – I am _____ (adjective)

(note: in Portuguese, signs can also be adjectives. So take a look at the words after the dash in the list below to learn more)

Os signos – The signs

  1. áries/ ariano(a) – aries

  2. touro/ taurino(a) – taurus

  3. gêmeos/ geminiano(a) – gemini

  4. câncer/ canceriano(a) – cancer

  5. leão/ leonino(a) – leo

  6. virgem/ virginiano(a) – virgo

  7. libra/ libriano(a) – libra

  8. escorpião/ escorpiano(a) – scorpio

  9. sagitário/ sagitariano(a) – sagittarius

  10. capricórnio/ capricorniano(a) – capricorn

  11. aquário/ aquariano(a) – aquarius 

  12. peixes/ pisciano(a) – pisces

Now let’s see some examples that refer to signs:

  • Gosto de começar a manhã lendo meu horóscopo – I like to start my mornings reading the horoscope
  • Você conhece alguém que saiba fazer mapa astral? – Do you know anybody that can calculate my birth chart?
  • Muitas pessoas não acreditam em astrologia – Many people don’t believe in astrology
  • Minha mãe gosta de tudo muito organizado, ela é virginiana – My mom likes everything very organized, she is a virgo
  • Dizem que geminianos e piscianos não combinam – They say that gemini and pisces aren’t a good match
  • Meus dois irmãos são capricornianos – Both my brothers are capricorn
  • Kim Kardashian, Will Smith e Bruno Mars são librianos famosos – Kim Kardashian, Will Smith and Bruno Mars are famous libra

Want to read your horoscope in Portuguese? Here are some links:


E você, qual é seu signo? And you, what is your sign?

Boa semana (não importa o que o horóscopo disser!) Good week (no matter what the horoscope says)!


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