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[Portuguese listening/reading practice] – O ano e o ano que vem Posted by on Nov 30, 2017

[Prática de escuta e leitura em Português] Olá, povo! Hello, people! The month is drawing to an end, so this means it is time for our usual listening and reading practice. Our text today is Gregório Duvivier’s “O ano e o ano que vem” (The year and next year). The author discusses the year of…

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The word “papo” in Portuguese Posted by on Nov 27, 2017

A palavra “papo” em português Olá pra todos! Hi to all! Our previous post focused on vocabulary in Portuguese connected to talking and communicating. Today’s topic will expand a little bit on that and explain the term papo – a word that is also related to speaking – and show a number of expressions and…

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Speaking-related expressions in Portuguese Posted by on Nov 24, 2017

[Expressões relacionadas à comunicação em Português] Ei, galera! Hey, guys! Developing communication and speaking skills is a fundamental part of learning a foreign language. This is why expressing yourself orally and interacting with others is the best way to consolidate you abilities. Today’s post will focus on teaching words and collocations related to speaking and…

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[Time tenses in Portuguese] – O futuro do pretérito Posted by on Nov 19, 2017

[Tempos verbais em Português] Oi, pessoal! Hi guys! Some posts ago, we started running our time tense series on the blog with the aim of getting our readers familiarized with our sometimes tricky grammar and teach you how to conjugate verbs correctly in Portuguese. Today’s topic will be the futuro do pretérito, which can be…

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[Brazilian food] – Tapioca Posted by on Nov 14, 2017

Ei, povo! Hi, people! Estão com fome? Are you hungry? Today’s delicious post is going to talk about tapioca, a Brazilian culinary symbol which consists of a sort of white crepe with grainy texture made with manioc starch. The starch is  extracted from the mandioca (manioc or cassava in English) – also known in other…

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[Brazilian Slang] – The “ué” in Portuguese Posted by on Nov 11, 2017

[Gírias brasileiras] – O “ué” em português Ei, pessoal, tudo bom? Hey, people, are you doing fine? Today we are going to cover a very popular idiom in Portuguese: ué. This interjection is used mostly in informal speech and online and very rarely in written form in non-colloquial situations. Its origins are unknown, but the…

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