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Brazilian Christmas Songs Posted by on Dec 19, 2011 in Culture, Customs

It’s almost that time again! I love Christmas music. In any language.

One thing I do like more about Brazilian Christmas songs that are popular amongst children and well, everyone, is that they’re more focused on what Christmas is actually about and not just Santa Claus, Mistletoe, and Snow (despite the lack of snow here in December…)

Here’s a simple song you can learn if you want to try to celebrate with a little bit of Portuguese this year! Lyrics & Video below 🙂

Sinos de Belém

Hoje a noite é bela
Juntos eu e ela
Vamos à capela
Felizes a rezar
Ao soar o sino
Sino pequenino
Vai o Deus menino
Nos abençoar.
Bate o sino pequenino
Sino de Belém
Já nasceu o Deus menino
Para o nosso bem
Paz na Terra pede o sino
Alegre a cantar
Abençoe Deus menino
Este nosso lar

Boas Festas! 

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