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Those who se esforçam (strive) to learn a foreign language know that the best way to aperfeiçoar suas habilidades (improve their skills) is to immerse oneself in a culture. A great way to do that is to assistir filmes (watch movies), because not only are viewers continuously exposed to the target language but also are shown crucial aspects of a country’s culture and customs. Brazilian movie production is rich and fascinating, comprising a wide variety of topics ranging from temas universais (universal themes) such as love, revenge, power and hope; to more local issues such as urban violence, class tension and social inequalities. Com isso em mente (With that in mind), I have selected a few renowned and award-winning movies for you to conhecer melhor (get better acquainted) with the amazing universe of Brazilian cinema.

Many of you may have heard of must-see classics such as Cidade de Deus (City of God), O Auto da Compadecida (A Dog’s Will), Central do Brasil (Central Station) and Tropa de Elite (The Elite Squad) – all of which are hugely recommended. So, I intend to show you titles that are highly acclaimed, though they may not have reached international audiences yet.

Estômago (Estomago – A Gastronomic Story): Not your average jail movie, this 2007 black comedy conta a história (tells the tale) of the rise and fall of Raimundo Nonato, um cozinheiro talentoso (a talented cook) who leaves his small hometown behind to make it in the cidade grande (big city). After working for a ruthless boss in a run-down lanchonete (diner), his remarkable habilidades culinárias (culinary abilities) earn him notoriety and he is offered a job at an upscale Italian restaurant. No entanto (However), a series of ill-fated events along with his poor decision-making skills lead him to end up in jail (cadeia). There is initial conflict between Nonato and his cellmates, but he is able to conquistá-los (win them over) after showing he is a truly skilled cook with a talent to delight the senses. Thus begins his ascent to poder e reconhecimento (power and recognition) in this captivating movie about comida e paixão (food and passion)

Estômago Movie Still

Estômago Movie Still

O Som ao Redor (Neighboring Sounds): This suspenseful 2012 drama is set in a middle-class neighborhood in the city of Recife, where petty theft triggers the contract of a security company to monitor the block and provide safety for its moradores (residents). The movie is composed of a series of episodes centered around an affluent and powerful landowner, his real-state agent grandson and his attractive girlfriend and a pot-smoking housewife, besides their servants and the security agents. These personagens intrigantes (intriguing characters’) lives are all intrinsically, if not fatally, interconnected by a mysterious past incident. As the class tension surfaces between the well-off locals and their help, a sense of impending violence and an atmosphere of discomfort and anxiety culminate in a shocking and revealing ending that will make its viewers both absorbed and astonished.

O Som ao Redor Movie Still

O Som ao Redor Movie Still

I hope you enjoy my suggestions!

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