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Fernando De Noronha Posted by on Sep 11, 2011 in Geography

Fernando de Noronha is a set of 21 volcanic islands off the coast of northern Brazil, and a tourist destination reachable by plane from Recife and Natal.

It was first explored by the Portuguese in the early 1500s, and was subsequently invaded and ruled by the English, French, and Dutch until it was retaken by the Portuguese in the mid-1600s. But the first permanent settlement was not built until the late 1700s, since the islands had principally been used as a military fortress. In the 1800s and 1900s, the island was also used to house prisoners, and it wasn’t until the 1980s when it became a vacation destination. The islands and surrounding reefs are protected, and visitors must pay a daily fee to help promote preservation. It’s especially popular for divers, who can explore the marine wildlife.

Watch the video to learn more about Fernando de Noronha:

And read more about the islands here, in Portuguese!

Climate, Flora & Fauna

History & Legends


The Fernando de Noronha Dolphin Project


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