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Happy Valentine’s Day! … in Brazil Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Culture, Vocabulary

Olá, pessoal!

Tomorrow is Dia dos Namorados, Valentine’s Day, in Brazil so I thought I’d teach you some “loving” vocabulary in Portuguese.


Namorar = to date
Ter um encontro com = to have a date with
Um encontro = a date

Você parece mais feliz depois que começou a namorar o Mike. – You look happier since you started dating Mike.
Tenho um encontro hoje à noite. Estou ansioso. – I have a date tonight. I’m anxious.
A que horas é seu encontro? – What time is your date?

Estar apaixonado (por) = to be in love (with)
Apaixonar-se (por) = to fall in love (with)
Amor à Primeira Vista = love at first sight

Não dá pra pensar direito quando se está apaixonado. – You can’t think straight when you are in love.
Ele se apaixonou por ela assim que a viu. Para ele foi amor à primeira vista. = He fell in love with her the minute he laid eyes on her. For him it was love at first sight.

Namorar firme (com) = to go steady (with)
Dar-se bem (com), entender-se bem (com) = to get along (with)
O amor é cego. = Love is blind.

Eles namoram firme há três anos. – They have been going steady for three years.
No início eles não se entendiam. – At first they didn’t get along.
Como dizem, “o amor é cego”. – As they say, “love is blind”.

Romper (com alguém), largar (de alguém) = to break up, to split up (with)
Superar (o fim do relacionamento), “esquecer” = to get over

Todos ficamos surpresos quando soubemos que ele tinha largado dela. – We were all surprised when we found out he had broken up with her.
Ela levou bastante tempo para se esquecer dele. – It took her quite some time to get over him.

Fazer as pazez e voltar = to make up and get back together
Casar-se = to get married

É bom saber que eles fizeram as pazes e voltaram depois daquela briga. – It’s good to know they made up and got back together after that argument.
Você sabe quando eles vão se casar? – Do you know when they are getting married?

Now, if you are not in a relationship – and hate Dia dos Namorados – , there’s a brand new (and funny!) movie for you: Odeio O Dia dos Namorados, with comedian Heloisa Perisse!

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About the Author: Adir

English / Spanish teacher and translator for over 20 years. I have been blogging since 2007 and I am also a professional singer in my spare time.


  1. rakesh:

    Hey Adir, what a timely post. I was planning to send my wishes to my Friend in Brazil, and you posted it. thanks for the post.