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How to shop in Portuguese Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Culture, Vocabulary

Hey, everybody!

There are some great places to shop in Brazil so here are some very useful and interesting sentences and expressions for you to use.

Pois não? – How can I help you?
Quanto custa? – How are does it/do they cost?
Quanto custa isso? – How much does that cost?
Quanto vale? – How much is it/are they worth?
Tem…? – Is there…? Are there…?
Eu gostaria de … – I’d like to…
por favor – please
Eu gostaria de experimentar. – I’d like to try it on.
Quero experimentar. – I want to try it on.
Tem em preto? – Do you have it in black?
Tem em outras cores? – Do you have it in other colors?
Tem no tamanho…? – Do you have it … (medium, large,…)?
Vocês aceitam cartões de crédito? – Do you take credit cards?
Vou levar dois desses. – I’ll take two of these.
Estou só olhando. – I’m just looking.
Posso dar uma olhada? – Can I have a look around?
Pode me dar um recibo? – Can I have a receipt?
Vou pensar. – I’ll think about it.
Volto mais tarde. – I’ll come back later.
Que horas abre/fecha? – What time do you open/close?
Onde fica(m)…? – Where is/are…?
Onde encontro…? – Where can I find…?
Estou procurando… – I’m looking for…
Vocês vendem? – Do you sell…?
Ficou grande/pequeno. – The fit is big/small.

Some useful vocabulary too!

pequeno – small
médio – medium
grande – large
GG – extra large
apertado – tight
comprido – long
largo – wide
solto – loose
na moda – fashionable
a etiqueta – price label
vender – to sell
vendedor – salesperson
comprar – to buy
o provador – fitting room
empurre – push
puxe – pull

Well, hope you have a good time shopping! Tenham um ótimo fim de semana!

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  1. Jackie:

    I assume this means you could also say “Tou só olhando” instead of “Estou só olhando” or could you drop the “estou” all together if you were being more informal with the person you are talking with?

  2. Carlos Deegan:

    Of course this is Brazilian Portuguese.
    Continental Portuguese is a bit different although mutually intelligible.