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How Would A Brazilian Say That? – Part 02 Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Culture, Vocabulary


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Olá, pessoal!

Last week we started learning expressions and ready-made sentences that Brazilians really use and you’re not likely to find in dictionaries or coursebook, so I am here to help you!

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Vamos para a parte 02!

Isso foi uma armação! – That was a setup!
Faço questão. – I insist.
De jeito nenhum. – No way.
Põe o cinto. – Buckle up.
O que você quiser. – Whatever you want.
Onde você quiser. – Wherever you want.
Quando você quiser. – Whenever you want.
Daqui a uma semana. – A week from today.
Sei lá! – Beats me!
Vou lá saber! – How do I know!
Não engulo essa. – I don’t buy it.
Onde foi que eu errei? – Where did I go wrong?
Você leu meu pensamento. – You read my mind.
Tranca! – Lock it up!
Da noite pro dia – overnight
Grande coisa! – Big deal!
Sem chance. – Not a chance.
Não é minha praia. – It’s not my thing.
Pelo que eu sei… – As far as I know…
Lá quero saber! – I couldn’t care less!
Você pode contar comigo. – You can count on me.
Estou doido pra fazer isso. – I’m dying to do this.
Boca de siri. – Zip up. / Mum’s the word.
Eu que o diga. – Tell me.
Ele já era! – He’s history!
Não que eu me lembre. – Not that I remember.
Ollho por olho. – An eye for an eye.
Tá falando sério? – Do you mean it? / Are you serious?
O tiro saiu pela culatra. – It backfired.
Deixa eu que eu falo na reunião. – Let me do the talking in the meeting.
Ela não dá notícias faz tempo. – We haven’t heard from her for a long time.
Vê se não some. – Don’t be a stranger.
É melhor eu ir andando. – I’d better be going.
A propósito… – By the way…
Que diabo é isso? – What the hell is that?

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  1. Bob Loucks:

    This post was even better than all the rest Adir!
    I’ve been living in Brazil for almost ten years now –
    the last eight in Sao Paulo – and I can tell you
    that still today these expressions will help me
    more than ever!!
    Great job! I teach English and will, with your permission,
    be able to both entertain and teach them these wonderful
    items in the near future.
    Fantastic, big thanks !!!

    Sincerely, Bob L.