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New Year’s Eve Fashion in Brazil Posted by on Dec 26, 2011 in Culture, Customs

In Brazil, we traditionally wear white on New Year’s eve. Why white? Because white symbolizes harmony, balance, and can be used to purify energies for a peaceful new year!

Both men and women alike will wear different white or gold outfits according to the celebration they attend.









But the most fun part of NYE, or Reveillon, in Brazil, is that the color of your underwear is what determines what you want most in the year to come!! Nobody really needs to know what you wish for in 2012, but you secretly do (unless, of course, your white dress is see through..)

Here are some of the colors and what their meanings are:

Vermelho – Paixão e desejo. 









Amarelo – Dinheiro. 

Azul – Poder e ação.

Verde – Saúde e justiça.

Rosa – Amor. 

Violeta – Tranformações. 

Branco – Paz.

So, what colors will you be wearing on New Year’s Eve?
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