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Let’s kick off this week with a very useful list of office items in Portuguese. Remember to practice saying the words very slowly, then speed it up a bit. Repetition plays a major role in being fluent in a foreign language and I’m pretty sure your Portuguese will get better and better.

Estão prontos? Aí vamos nós!

Objetos do Escritório


(a) calculadora = calculator
(a) agenda = daily planner
(o) envelope = envelope
(o) pen drive = flash drive
(o) caderno = notebook
(a) tecla = key (computer)
(o) escâner = scanner
(a) pasta = folder
(a) caneta = pen
(o) abre-cartas = letter opener
(a) cola = glue
(a) tesoura = scissors
(a) régua = ruler
(o) fax = fax
(o) mouse = mouse (computer)
(o) modem = modem
(o) apontador = pencil sharpener
(a) lapiseira = mechanical pencil
(o) grampeador = stapler
(o) clip de papel = paper clip
(o) selo = stamp
(a) tachinha = tack
(o) bloco de anotação = notepad
(o) notebook = notebook, laptop
(o) durex = Scotch tape
(a) impressora = printer
(o) peso de papel = paper weight
(o) arquivo = file, file cabinet
(o) teclado = keyboard
(o) telefone = telephone
(a) borracha = eraser
(o) monitor = monitor
(a) tela = screen
(o) lixo de papel = paper basket
(o) celular = cell phone
(o) computador = computer
(o) calendário = calendar
(a) máquina de xerox = copy machine
(o) furador = hole puncher

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