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Cell phone vocab in Portuguese – Part II Posted by on Aug 27, 2018

Alô? Quem fala? Hello? Who is this? Last week we started going over useful terms related to smartphones in English. Now let’s get to part II! notificação – notification Acabei de receber a notificação de que alguém está me seguindo no Instagram – I just got a notification that someone is following me on Instagram…

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Cell phone vocab in Portuguese Posted by on Aug 24, 2018

Olá, caros leitores! Hello, dear readers! Question for you: are you reading this on your computer or your phone? Either way, it is undeniable that we use our phones all the time for a variety of purposes, be it for reading work-related e-mails, chatting with friends, reading the news, using social media, playing games, getting…

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