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Cell phone vocab in Portuguese Posted by on Aug 24, 2018 in Learning, Uncategorized, Vocabulary

Olá, caros leitores! Hello, dear readers!

Question for you: are you reading this on your computer or your phone? Either way, it is undeniable that we use our phones all the time for a variety of purposes, be it for reading work-related e-mails, chatting with friends, reading the news, using social media, playing games, getting informed and many more. Maybe even just for the alarm clock. With all these functions, most of us have become inseparable from our devices and rely on it throughout the day. But are you able to refer to all these activities you perform on your phone in Portuguese? Well, today we are going to learn some essential vocab connected to cellphones. Se liguem! 

(Photo by SimonWaldherr [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons)

telefone – phone

  • Não estou encontrando meu telefone. Vocês viram ele? – I can’t find my phone. Have you seen it? – I can’t find my phone. Have you seen it?

celular – cellphone

  • É impossível viver sem celular hoje em dia – It is impossible to live without a cell phone nowadays

tocar – ring

  • Seu telefone está tocando!Your phone is ringing!
  • Acredita que o telefone da professora começou a tocar no meio da palestra? – Can you believe  the teacher’s phone started ringing in the middle of the lecture?

ligar – turn on

  • Desde que derrubei meu telefone na água, ele não quer mais ligar – Ever since I dropped my phone in the water, it won’t turn on anymore

desligar – turn off

  • A comissária de bordo pediu que todos os passageiros desligassem seus aparelhos celulares – The flight attendant asked all passengers to turn off their mobile phones

ligar – call

  • A senhora Lúcia ligou, mas não deixou recado – Mrs. Lúcia called but left no message
  • Se suspeitar de algo, ligue para a polícia – If you suspect anything, call the police

desligar – hang up

  • Não desligue, sua ligação é muito importante pra gente – Do not hang up, your call is very important to us
  • Ele ficou chateado e desligou na minha cara – He got upset and hung up on me

atender – answer

  • Não deu pra atender sua ligação, eu estava em uma reunião – I could not answer your call, I was in a meeting 
  • Passamos o dia todo ligando para o Marcos, mas ele não está atendendo! – We spent the whole day calling Marcos, but he is not answering!

número – number

  • Eu ligaria para ela, mas não sei o número – I would call her, but I do not know the number
  • Me passe seu número, vou te adicionar no Whatsapp – Give me your number, I’ll add you on WhatsApp

tela – screen

  • Deixei meu telefone cair sem querer e a tela rachou – I accidentally dropped my phone and the screen cracked 
  • Especialistas dizem que ficar olhando para a tela do celular pode prejudicar o sono – Experts say that staring at the screen of your phone can harm your sleep

Não desliguem ainda! There’s more to come!

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