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Women’s day special: Brazil’s most celebrated female author Posted by on Mar 15, 2021

Olá, amigos leitores! Segunda-feira passada (last Monday) was Dia Internacional das Mulheres (International Women’s Day) in many countries around the world. And to honor all the women in our lives, our text today will celebrate a maior escritora brasileira (the greatest Brazilian writer) and one of the most important names in 20th century world literature…

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Clarice Lispector – Brazilian Author’s Memory Celebrated Posted by on Dec 10, 2011

Had she lived to this day, Clarice Lispector (1920-1977), Brazilian literary genius, would have turned 91. There were celebrations all over the country in honor of her work. Born in the Ukraine, her family moved to Brazil at a young age, where they eventually settled in Pergnambuco, and years later, she became a Brazilian citizen…

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Brazilian Profile: Clarice Lispector Posted by on Aug 13, 2009

Clarice Lispector is one of Brazil’s most famous and accomplished female writers, who is finally making headlines in the United States after becoming an icon in Brazil. Clarice was born Chaya Pinkhasovna Lispector, the daughter of Jewish Ukrainian parents, in 1920. When she was a baby, her family emigrated to Brazil, fleeing religious persecution, and…

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