Clarice Lispector – Brazilian Author’s Memory Celebrated Posted by on Dec 10, 2011 in Brazilian Profile

Had she lived to this day, Clarice Lispector (1920-1977), Brazilian literary genius, would have turned 91. There were celebrations all over the country in honor of her work. Born in the Ukraine, her family moved to Brazil at a young age, where they eventually settled in Pergnambuco, and years later, she became a Brazilian citizen. She wrote mostly novels and short stories. What’s most interesting is her influence in psycho-analysis.

An article from a newspaper in Pernambuco today stated this through interviews with pyscho-analysts where they state that she has a great way of showing human anguish through her narrative.

Some of her quotes are timeless and worth using and repeating over and over! So in honor of Clarice, I encourage you to learn the following quotes 🙂

Liberdade é pouco. O que eu desejo ainda não tem nome

E o que o ser humano mais aspira é tornar-se ser humano

Eu não: quero é uma realidade inventada.

Suponho que me entender não é uma questão de inteligência e sim de sentir, de entrar em contato… Ou toca, ou não toca.

Ela acreditava em anjo e, porque acreditava, eles existiam.

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