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What is the deal with Brazilian motels? Posted by on Jun 12, 2020

Imagine you are taking a car trip, feeling exhausted and looking for modest and cheap accommodation just to descansar (get some rest) and get back na estrada (on the road) the next morning. I believe many of you, when you coming across a sign that says “MOTEL” would assume that it might be the ideal…

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Brazilian music – Dia dos namorados Posted by on Jun 11, 2018

Boa noite a todos! Good evening to all! Estão prontos para o dia dos namorados amanhã? Are you guys ready for valentine’s day tomorrow? Now, wait a minute. Did you just say valentine’s day? Wasn’t that months ago, back in fevereiro (february)? Well, as some of you might know, here in Brazil things are a…

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