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Não Existe Amor em SP – Criolo & Caetano Posted by on Oct 25, 2011

Last week was Brazil’s version of MTV’s Video Music Awards, the VMB, and one of the most awaited moments of the night was a collaboration between Criolo, an up and coming hip hop artist from São Paulo (I’ve actually met him at a bar here in SP! He’s incredibly down to earth), and Caetano Veloso…

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Side by Side Lyrics Translation: Maria Rita Posted by on Apr 6, 2010

Today we’re going to listen to a Maria Rita song with an adjacent translation in English! In this song, the singer compares her life to a busy train station. She uses fairly simple language, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to follow along with the English to help. Lyrics – Encontros e despedidas Mande…

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Águas de Março Posted by on Mar 10, 2010

Happy March! The song “Waters of March,” originally written by Tom Jobim and performed here by Elis Regina, is a true classic. It also has an interesting backstory: in Rio de Janeiro, March is a very rainy month with lots of flooding, and Jobim was inspired by the Rio weather, and actually wrote the music…

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Lyrics Practice: Fernanda Abreu Posted by on Nov 3, 2009

Fernanda Abreu was of the first singers to popularize the funk movement, though her music was considerably more pop than today’s funk. This is one of her most classic songs, called Rio 40 Graus, that has some wonderful lyrics that really embody life in Rio de Janeiro. They’re really long, so I’ve included just a…

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New Music: Luiza Possi Posted by on Aug 17, 2009

Luiza Possi, age 25, grew up in Rio de Janeiro and gained acclaim as an MPB singer at an early age. She released her first album, Eu sou assim, in 2002, and has released three albums since then. The daughter of a singer and a musical producer, she has also done acting work. Several of…

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Brazilian Profile: Elis Regina Posted by on Feb 6, 2009

Elis Regina Carvalho Costa is one of Brazil’s most celebrated female singers, and one of its most famous MPB performers. Born in 1945 in the capital of the southernmost state in Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, she began her career early at age eleven, when she performed on a children’s radio show. She recorded her…

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