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Side by Side Lyrics Translation: Maria Rita Posted by on Apr 6, 2010 in Music

Today we’re going to listen to a Maria Rita song with an adjacent translation in English! In this song, the singer compares her life to a busy train station. She uses fairly simple language, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to follow along with the English to help.


Lyrics – Encontros e despedidas

Mande notícias do mundo de lá Send news from the other world
Diz quem fica Says the one who stays
Me dê um abraço Give me a hug
Venha me apertar Come and hold me tightly
“Tô” (estou) chegando I’m nearly there [literally: I am arriving]
Coisa que gosto é poder partir What I like is to be able to leave
Sem ter planos Without having plans
Melhor ainda é poder voltar Better still is to be able to return
Quando quero When I want to
Todos os dias é um vai-e-vem Every day is come-and-go
A vida se repete na estação Life repeats itself at the station
Tem gente que chega pra ficar There are people who come to stay
Tem gente que vai pra nunca mais There are people who go and never again (return)
Tem gente que vem e quer voltar There are people who come and want to return
Tem gente que vai e quer ficar There are people who go and want to stay
Tem gente que veio só olhar There are people who came just to take a look
Tem gente a sorrir e a chorar There are people who smile and cry
E assim, chegar e partir And so, arriving and leaving
São só dois lados There are only two sides
Da mesma viagem Of the same trip
O trem que chega The train that arrives
É o mesmo trem da partida Is the same train that leaves
A hora do encontro The moment the meeting [takes place]
É também despedida Is also the time of to say goodbye
A plataforma dessa estação The platform of this station
É a vida desse meu lugar Is the life of my place
É a vida desse meu lugar Is the life of my place
É a vida It’s life
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  1. Paul Redman:

    Fantastic song thanks very much for the translation helps to appreciate the music even more!

  2. carlos R. Barron:

    great song easy to understand obrigado for sending this to us learners of portugesse by computer 🙂