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[The Media in Brazil] – Part III Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Brazilian News, Brazilian Profile, Culture

In times of intense political turmoil and conflicting views on Brazil’s current situation, it is crutial to stay informed. As we discussed antes (before), the media is highly influential and profoundly impacts as well as shapes the understanding of what society is going through at a given moment.

My previous posts on the Brazilian media have addressed other vehicles, like major jornais (newpapers) and revistas (magazines). Hoje (Today) we’ll go over três (three) main all-news television channels: Record News, Globo News and Band NewsThese networks follow a similar format to CNN, Bloomberg, Fox News and the like, offering a continuous cycle of notícias (news) in a layout that includes rolling headlines, weather condition and market data.

 So if you quer (want) to (aprender mais) learn more about the latest developments in our country’s politics and also keep up-to-date with events, tune in and forme sua opinião (make up your on opinion).

Record News

Launched on September 27th, 2007, Record News is alledgedly the leading news network in the country. Unlike its cable competitors, the channel is a free-to-air broadcasting platform, which enables them to alcançar (reach) larger audiences nationwide and generate higher ratings. Besides showing news bulletins, their lineup of programs also cover factual programming, traffic reports and sports commentary.

Slogan: A líder em Notícas (The News Leader)

Want to watch online? Go to: http://tv.r7.com/record-news-play

Record News Logo

Record News Logo

Globo News

Since October 15th, 1996, Globo News – part of the major Brazilian media company Globo – is a television station dedicated primarily to newscasts. Globo News is the segunda (second) most-watched news network in the country and, though not the first to follow the 24-hour news template, its emphasis on the news laid the groundwork for its predecessors. The channel’s selected content includes national coverage updates, news features, talk shows about business and culture, archive programming and specials.

Slogan: Nunca Desliga (Never Goes Off)

You can go to their website para mais (for more) info, news and videos. It is possible to register and watch online on their streaming service at: http://g1.globo.com/globo-news/

Globo News Logo

Globo News Logo

Band News

Band News debuted on March 19th, 2001. It was the primeiro (first) channel in Brazil to provide 24-hour news coverage and it is o terceiro (the third) most-watched.  As part of its concept, the programming is updated every trinta (thirty) minutes. But their regular schedule also features documentaries, political commentary, sports coverage and special segments like  technology, saúde (health), entertainement, economy and finance and contribution of foreign correspondents.

Slogan: A Notícia em Primeiro Lugar (News in the First Place)

Band News’ operations extend to a radio station where one can also listen to news non-stop: http://bandnewsfm.band.uol.com.br/

Band News Logo

Band News Logo

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