The Six Ton Easter Egg Posted by on Apr 1, 2010 in Brazilian News

Easter eggs and chocolates are very popular in Brazil, and you’ll find chocolate eggs of all sizes in grocery stores and department stores during this time of year. Sometimes, stores will have raffles for enormous chocolate Easter eggs, but this year, a mall in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina topped them all: it built a 6 ton chocolate Easter egg.

Photo: Beiramar Shopping

According to Globo, the Beiramar Mall used 2.3 kilo bricks of chocolate and took nearly two weeks to create the 4 meter-tall giant Easter egg, now on display at the mall. On Friday, the egg will be broken down into smaller pieces and distributed to local charities. The project was a joint enterprise of a local supermarket chain and Nestle, and last year, the mall also created a giant egg, setting the world’s record for the largest chocolate Easter egg at 2.8 tons. This year egg will likely set records, too!

And not to stray from our language lessons…since egg is ovo, and Easter is Páscoa, Easter egg in Portuguese, is simply enough: ovo de Páscoa. [oh-voh gee PAH-ss-qwah]

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  1. Francis:

    2.3 kilos doesn’t sound like a lot of chocolate! Perhaps that’s 2.3 kilotonnes?

  2. sagittarius:

    parabéns. congrats.
    adicionei seu ótimo blog.
    added u great blog.