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If you have traveled around Brazil and spent some time in traffic you must know that driving here might not be a good experience, depending where and when. In times such as the carnival traffic jams are much worse and with many people drinking and driving accidents increase significantly. Looking on the bright side of it, it’s worth to mention the Brazilian Government’s effort to revert this picture. When it comes to traffic accidents prevention, TV commercials are very creative and appealing. Below you can check one of the commercials made for 2010 Carnival.

João e Lúcia. Ví os dois pela primeira vez na noite do acidente. Tinha bebido e tava no volante, acelerando. Super-homem. Mas virei vilão. Cumpri minha sentença, mas continuo preso à culpa, à vergonha. No meu sonho, o João e a Lúcia voltam pra me lembrar. Acordado, não consigo esquecer. Que lembranças você quer levar do carnaval? Se for dirigir, não beba. E não abuse da velocidade.


João and Lucia. I saw them for the first time at the accident’s night. I had drunk and I was driving, pedal to the metal. Superman. But I became a villain. I served my sentence, but I’m still stuck on guilt and shame. João and Lúcia come back in my dreams, to remind me. Awake, I can’t forget it. What memories do you want to bring from Carnival? If you’re going to drive, do not drink. And don’t go too fast.

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