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Watch Your Favorite TV Shows in Portuguese Posted by on May 24, 2010 in Entertainment, Links, Online Learning

Since being in Brazil, I’ve been getting my American TV shows fix online.  Since I have the privilege of speaking English and having a great internet connection, I don’t have to wait until the episodes get to cable tv in Brazil in order to keep up with my American friends’ Facebook comments on different shows.  So the other day, as I was looking for a House episode on Sidereel.com, I opened a video that was dubbed in Spanish!  I thought the opening was actually supposed to be in Spanish until House walks in speaking Spanish as well…

Which got me thinking – this is a great way to learn!

Have any of you tried watching your favorite TV shows or movies dubbed in Portuguese or even with Portuguese subtitles (for beginners?).  It’s a great practice to watch sentence construction while assimilating words in Portuguese with those in English and just watching your favorite characters speaking Portuguese (it can also be quite funny)!

For those who are beginners, Terra TV is a great place to start because there are tons of episodes in English with Portuguese subtitles – they have all sorts of great shows like Lost (after last night’s finale, you can watch it all over again, but subtitled in Portuguese!), Scrubs, Ugly Betty, and more!

There are also some documentaries and movies both in Portuguese and English with subtitles on there!

Another place to go is YouTube! All you have to do is look up “TV show + dublado” if you want to watch the show in Portuguese or “TV show + legendado” if you want subtitles! It would also help if you searched on YouTube Brasil – it gets you better results 😉

Happy Watching!

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  1. TV Shows Fan:

    Terra TV is probably the best option, sidereel is good as well but most of the videos are in English. Lots of TV Shows are there though!

  2. Crystal:

    Hi Polyana,
    i was wondering if you can help me find movies and tv shows in audio language in brazilian portuguese?

    • polyana:

      @Crystal hi crystal! this is a pretty complete list of brazilian movies – http://eyesonbrazil.com/brazilian-films-the-list/. you can download them for free pretty much anywhere you can download any other movie.

      as for tv shows, Globo.com has a lot of their TV shows and news shows on their site! Sometimes they only have clips, but YouTube has some complete episodes!

      hope this helps 🙂

  3. Adam:

    Thanks, Polyana.

    Crystal, you can go here http://www.vmseries.com/ and choose any of several shows under “Series Nacionais”, otherwise http://www.tvbrazuca.eu/ is live Brazilian TV

  4. polyana:

    Thanks Adam!

  5. Haley:

    I don’t know if anyone will see this, but I could really use some help. I tried to use the Terra TV website but everything I tried to play, it said the program wasn’t available in my region. I’m really looking for either TV shows/movies in Portuguese with English (or even portuguese subtitles) OR (a better option for me, I think) shows and movies that are in English with Portuguese subtitles. I will really watch anything but some things that I would be really interested in seeing are the Harry Potter series, Vampire Diaries, Psych, any comedy shows i.e. Modern Family, Arrested Development, The Office, etc. I have looked everywhere to find this stuff but most anything I have found you have to download and I’d REALLY prefer to just watch it online. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! Thank you!

  6. Rahul Verma:

    I’ve been trying to download portuguese tv shows but neither I can find torrents nor free links. Help.

  7. Selena:

    next weeks ep please!!!

  8. JOSEPH:

    Theres this portugese opera am wathching its called “o beijo do escapiao”. But the problem is whenever i download it it dosent have english subtitles. so it warrrants me watching it on youtube and you know how costly it it watching series on youtube. so please how do i get what i want which is a download site for the series and its subtitle pls