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Weekend Activities in Portuguese Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in Vocabulary

transparent portugueseE aí, pessoal? Tudo beleza? I was feeling kind of sad last Friday because some friends had traveled and I had absolutely nothing to do. As it turns out, I had a blast on the weekend so I thought I’d teach you how to say some common weekend activities in Portuguese. Estão prontos? Aí vamos nós!

Descansar = to rest

Andar de bicicleta = to ride a bike

Nadar = to swim

Ficar em casa = to stay home

Pedir comida = to order in

Comer fora = to eat out

Cozinhar = to cook

Passear de carro = to go for a drive

Ir correr = to go jogging / running

Ler = to read

Ler um livro, uma revista, o jornal = to read a book, magazine, the newspaper

Escutar música = to listen to music

Acampar = to go camping

Jogar baralho = to play cards

Tocar um instrumento musical = to play a musical instrument

Visitar os parentes = to visit your relatives

Tirar fotos = to take pictures

Ir ao museu = to go to the museum

Ir ao cinema = to go to the movies

Ir ao teatro = to go to the theater

Ir a um restaurante = to go to a restaurant

Ir à praia = to go to the beach

Jogar bilhar = to shoot pool

Praticar algum esporte = to play some sport

Fazer trabalho voluntário = to do volunteer work

Viajar = to travel

Sair com os amigos = to go out with friends

Navegar na internet = to surf the internet

Assistir um filme = to watch a movie

Relaxar = to relax

Arrumar a casa = to clean up the house

Mexer no jardim = to putter around the garden

What about you? What are your favorite weekend activities? Tell us in Portuguese!

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