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An American Anecdote for Russians Posted by on Aug 10, 2007

There are a lot of corn fields in Wisconsin, some of them striped, dodging hills, others flat and monotonous. In a very few of them an enterprising farmer has mapped out and reaped a large maze. A maize maze. You grab a pennant on a long wobbly pole, and enter the corn. If it’s a…

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English-Russian Computing Dictionary Posted by on Aug 10, 2007

Last week I suddenly needed to say, “antialiasing filter” in Russian and I found in this computing dictionary that it is, “фильтр защиты от наложения спектров при наложении аналоговых сигналов.” And then I needed, “ternary logic,” and it was also in there! So is “T-flip flop” and “Markov Chain.” OK, back to reality, I never…

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Russian Milk Products Posted by on Aug 8, 2007

Молочные Продукты Have you ever tried Kefir? Говорят, что это более полезно чем йогурт. It’s certainly more Russian than yogurt. И-краткое как первая буква только бывает в инностранных словах. It’s thicker than milk, but thinner than yogurt, and sour. I use it on fruit salads, or plain as a drink. You can also mix in…

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