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English-Russian Computing Dictionary Posted by on Aug 10, 2007 in Uncategorized

Last week I suddenly needed to say, “antialiasing filter” in Russian and I found in this computing dictionary that it is, “фильтр защиты от наложения спектров при наложении аналоговых сигналов.”

And then I needed, “ternary logic,” and it was also in there! So is “T-flip flop” and “Markov Chain.”

OK, back to reality, I never needed these words whatsoever. But there are terms in this dictionary that are useful to negotiating daily computing, like “error message.” And otherwise you can check it out just to see what some Russian jargon looks like — the English is pretty funny too.

Error message is сообщение об ошибке. And here are a few others I use regularly:

File = файл
Keyboard = клавиатура
printout = распечатка
program = программа
key on the keyboard = клавиша

keyword = ключевое слово
Search = пойск
Field = поле
password = пароль
restore = восстановление

This dictionary missed a few simple ones:

folder = папка
font = шрифт
to download/get = скачать (slang)
To restart = перезагузить (also slang)

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  1. Delia:

    other missing are СООБЩЕНИЕ – message, ИМЕЙ/ЭЛЕКТРОННАЯ ПОЧТА – e-mail, ФЛЕШКА – memory stick.

    To restart is ПЕРЕЗАГРУЗИТЬ. P is missing in the original message