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«Что делать с бездомными собаками?» [What to do with the stray dogs?] Posted by on Feb 27, 2009

«Бездомнаясобаканаулице – обычноеявлениепочтивовсехбольшихгородахРоссии»[a stray (homeless) dog on the street – an ordinary occurrence almost in all big Russian cities].  To me Russia is not best symbolized by «борщ» [borscht] or «Краснаяплощадь» [The Red Square] or «матрёшки» [‘matryoshki’; sets of nesting dolls] or «ушанки» [caps with earflaps] or «Гагарин» [Gagarin; first man in space], not even…

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С днём защитника Отечества! [Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day!] Posted by on Feb 23, 2009

It is THE holiday season in Russia right now: On the 14th of February it’s«Деньвсехвлюблённых» [The Day of Everybody in Love], then on the 23rd it’s «ДеньзащитникаОтечества» [Defender of the Fatherland Day], wrapping up on the 8th of March with «Международныйженскийдень» [International Women’s Day]. Out of these three holidays – on all of which it…

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Word of the Week: «Ли» Posted by on Feb 22, 2009

«Поздравляем сильную половину человечества с Днём защитника Отечества!» [(We) congratulate the strong half of humanity with Defender of the Fatherland Day!]. Coming across this home-made poster on the first floor of my dormitory, I could have used the marvelous little word «ли» to pose a direct question like: «Являются ли мужчины сильной половиной человечества?» [Are…

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Reading Russian literature: А. П. Чехов «Человек в футляре» Posted by on Feb 18, 2009

Today is the day I share with you – long overdue, of which I am aware – my post on how to read a Russian short story in the original. For a long time I pondered on exactly what short story to choose for today’s post, as there is an abundance of great short stories…

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«Летать Аэрофлотом» [Flying Aeroflot] Posted by on Feb 10, 2009

Once onboard a «Аэрофлот» plane, as I clearly was when I took this picture a couple of days ago, there’s no turning back. One can only hope the pilot’s sober and that it won’t come tumbling down or, «шутки в сторону» [joking aside], down some whiskey and enjoy the ride…  (Внимание! [Attention!] This post does…

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