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Examples of Strange Russian Expressions Posted by on May 31, 2009

Sometimes Russians may say something that sounds so strange that you cannot – even though you know the meaning of all the words in the sentence they just uttered – for the life of you understand what they mean. An example is the famous expression «да нет» [‘yes no’] which I up until a couple…

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Russian Literature On Stage: «Поэма «Русские женщины» Н. А. Некрасова» [The Long Poem “Russian Women” by N. A. Nekrasov] Posted by on May 29, 2009

Though there are still some problems with posting pictures here on the blog we can always use videos instead! This is just the beginning – I intend on posting the whole 10 minute version of this tiny play in a couple of days – of how we staged «поэма «Русские женщины» Н. А. Некрасова» [the…

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Tomsk Trip – or Traveling Siberia by Train Posted by on May 25, 2009

This is a video I shot on the «Иркутск – Минск» [‘Irkutsk – Minsk’] train «где-то между Омском и Тюменью» [somewhere between Omsk and Tyumen’] in Western Siberia. On Sunday morning on the train I got bored and decided to play with my phone for a while and found out that it can film videos!…

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In The Russian News Posted by on May 18, 2009

Good evening, everyone! I’m sorry the latest entries on the blog may have been posted a little too frequently, but there’s a reason for that – tomorrow I’m taking the train to Томск [Tomsk]! «В Сибирь!» [To Siberia!] In Tomsk I will take part in the annual conference for foreign students in Russia – «Всероссийский…

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Swedish/Russian Eurovision Skit: “Tingaling” Posted by on May 17, 2009

This is funny because it is a true image of what most Swedes consider Russia to be like. But what are they singing? Here’s the lyrics in English, Russian and even with a little bit Swedish: Погриманский на здоровье [‘Pogrimanski’ (?) to your health] Глобоский гротески [‘Globoski groteski’ (?)] Наступающим! [with the coming!] (Tingaling, tingaling) (Tingaling…

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Test Your Russia IQ! Posted by on May 16, 2009

This is interesting: the travel site Travel all Russia has a timed test you can take to find out just how well you know everybody’s favorite “Родина Мать” [Motherland]: Russia IQ test – how much do you know about Russia? All you need to do in order to take it and try your knowledge about this…

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Евровидение! [Eurovision Song Contest!] Posted by on May 13, 2009

Suddenly it is that time of the year again – the time when one cannot help but feel that one is, was and will always remain a European. This feeling is first and foremost connected with an important European annual event in May: «Евровидение» [Eurovision Song Contest]. This year the competition takes place here in…

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