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Test Your Russia IQ! Posted by on May 16, 2009 in Culture, History, Soviet Union, Traditions

This is interesting: the travel site Travel all Russia has a timed test you can take to find out just how well you know everybody’s favorite “Родина Мать” [Motherland]: Russia IQ test – how much do you know about Russia? All you need to do in order to take it and try your knowledge about this mysterious yet adorable country is to enter your first name, last name and e-mail. Don’t forget that the test is timed! Yes, that means you won’t have any opportunity to google the questions! I did it and even though I shouldn’t be too proud of the results, I still am. A little bit. After all, the questions aren’t too easy (not all of them, some are though):

Total number of questions: 20
Correct answers: 18
Your Russia IQ is close to perfect: 126
Level: Ph Russia
Your command of Russian history, traditions and its culture is impressive. You probably know that word borsch does not suppose to have t at the end. You probably agree with us that claims in the news that Russia is a petro-dictatorship are a long-shot. For your remarkable expertise, we award you an official degree of Doctor of Russia! PS: You can tell your friends to call you Doctor now.

I think I just might try and make my friends call me Doctor now!

What results did you get? What do you think about the test? Too easy or far too difficult?
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  1. Anna:

    I just got 15/20 and they said: “We hate to say it, but you don’t know that much about Russia”…they set their standards high! 🙂 Discovered a few things though – thanks for the link.

  2. Josefina:

    Yes, that’s in part why I decided to publish the link – it is nothing like all of those endless tests on “Russia” you find on Facebook, for example. You really have to think during this test. And I like to think 🙂

  3. natasha:

    Wow, Josefina, great job!!! Those are hard questions. Which ones did you get wrong? I got time zones a bit wrong and the Viking invasion city wrong.

  4. preved_medved:

    Total number of questions: 20
    Correct answers: 20
    Your Russia IQ is amazing: 140
    Level: The cream of the crop. Top 1% of Russia experts.
    You know even more about Russia than a typical Russian. So here is a “million dollar question” – why do the names of Russian villages end on “o”? Answer this question and become our personal hero! Please post your answer on our forum.


  5. Mihail:

    omg what a dumb test. some of so called “corect answers” in fact are not. for example Novgorod wasn’t founded by vikings neither burned by the Mongols and the lake of Baikal is the deepest in the world, but not the largest. so my mark for authors of this pretty stupid test is C.

  6. Slava:

    Josefina and others, I am glad you liked the test. I am the person who created it. I am thinking about creating a sequel. Do you think I should make it harder or not. Mikhail (the one who claims to know the history), perhaps you can shed some light who founded Novgorod and why it was not burnt by Mongols. Also, what is the largest lake in the world? I am always eager to learn, even from those who call me dumb:)