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To be or not to be?: Using “быть”, “есть”, and other terms of existence in Russian Posted by on Sep 25, 2017

Understanding these verbs is crucial to describing the world in Russian. Most English-speakers find the very “to be” to be a central part of speech. The reason is clear to us natives: The verb is dynamic enough to denote existence, state, and mood. For example, “There is an eclipse happening”, “The door is open”…

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Новый блогер: An Interview with Pat Goodridge Posted by on Aug 22, 2017

Всем привет! There’s a new Russian blogger in town. My name is Pat, and I am proud to introduce myself as Transparent Language’s new Russian Language blogger! This opportunity to contribute to one of the most innovative, effective language-learning systems ever created is an honor. I am poised to give readers the best my knowledge…

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