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Russian Vocabulary: Finding and Getting Places in Russia Posted by on Jul 1, 2015 in language, Russian for beginners

                  Any new place is not easy to navigate, let alone a place where a different language is spoken. In an attempt to help people who are traveling or relocating to Russia, I put together a list of questions along with some explanations that should make the experience easier. To help with pronunciation I also recorded a short video that goes over the entire list. The only thing left for you to do is master the list in its entirety (wink). Good luck!
Вы не подскажете, где находится туалет?
Could you tell me where the bathroom is?
In Russia finding a public restroom could be a big problem, finding a free one can be an even bigger problem (unless you are still at the airport or sneaking into a McDonald’s). Be prepared to pay for a trip to a public restroom when nature calls, and don’t be surprised when they hand you a pre-measured piece of toilet paper after you pay :-).
Вы не знаете, где ближайшая остановка?
Do you happen to know where the nearest bus stop is?
Вы не знаете, где ближайшая станция метро?
Do you happen to know where the nearest subway station is?
Скажите пожалуйста, где ближайший банк (продовольственный магазин)?
Could you tell me where the nearest bank (grocery store) is?
Что Вы посоветуете?
What do you recommend?
Извините, мне нужна помощь.
Excuse me, I need help.
Где можно попить хорошего кофе?
Where can I find good coffee?
Где можно недорого поесть?
Where can I eat inexpensively?
Извините, когда уходит последняя электричка?
Excuse me, when does the last train depart (meaning trains that travel to/from suburbs)?
Электричка is a certain type of train that circulates between a major city and surrounding suburbs, it is similar to a subway train, yet a bit different.
Извините, вы работаете по выходным?
Excuse me, are you open on the weekends?
Вы не подскажете, как добраться до Красной Площади (американского посольства и т.д.)?
Could you tell me how to get to Red Square (the US Embassy, etc.)?
Feel free to add more questions to the list. I will do my best to add them to the post.
Всего хорошего!
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  1. Alex Sutter:

    Very useful Vocabulary. The spoken text is, though a bit fast…
    Thanks & regards,

  2. Mary de Tray:

    Too fast! How can you help beginners if you go so fast that the phrases can not be clearly heard nor understood?

    • Jenya:

      @Mary de Tray Mary, yes it is a bit fast for beginners but this is an example of what it would sound like in real life. The phrases are typed for your convenience, you can follow the text with your eyes. After several attempts it will get easier :-).

  3. warren:

    Thank you very much. One phrase I learnt very quickly while in Ukraine was пожалуйста, не говорите так быстро, not that it was much help, I still had trouble following any conversation!